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These web banners and e-mail advertisements are a part of Mizuno's 2013 - 2014 "Super Natural" campaign for the Prophecy 3 running shoe. Basic concept and original creative supplied by McKinney and has been elaborated upon as the campaign rolls forward and new shoe colors are released. These shoes are famous for several cutting edge features. First, for their Super Natural comfort, provided by the naturally occuring hexagonal shape build into the structure for skin-like flexibility and, walking on air Wave technology. The organically occuring hexagonal shape is used to elaborate upon the design and, transparent accents are added to the shoe to produce a very original and surreal look. All of the digital releases featured in this project have been executedby me as directed by the Mizuno Art Director, Ben King unless noted otherwise.

Mizuno Prophecy 3 Campaign
This is the final e-mail advertisement for a custom SMU color in the Prophecy 3 campaign and will be featured on EastBay's website 5/26/14-6/1/2014 and at Champ's Sports. We wanted to get away from rehashing the long running campaign and give the new electric green release a fresh look. The Original McKinney background has been altered by adding hue to compliment the new color, as well as the hexagonal patern to reflect the design. The electric green shoe is imposed over the original color and enhanced contrast and lighting for realistic effect. Smoke effects have been created and added to enhance the "Super Natural" type.
First original color Prophecy 3 for men made in-house for the digital campaign. Horizontal digital banner with men's shoe superimposed over original McKinney Prophecy 3 image.
Sample of Men's Prophecy 3 with Background imagery supplied by McKinney campaign. The images were placed and enhanced for Super Natural transitions.
E-mail Graphic for Dick's Sporting Goods utilizing all background images supplied by McKinney. Features Mens and Women's original colors.
Original creative provided by McKinney as a flattened graphic for the first color release Prophecy 3 for women.
This is the original studio shot shoe which I photoshopped to fit onto the lifestyle foot imagery. Skills included warping, color burn and dodge for enhanced lighting effects.
From here on are the final Digital Ad's I have created utilizing new in-house creative combined with the original McKinney images to jazz up the long running campaign images. They will be featured on EastBay's website 5/26/14-6/1/2014 and Champ's Sports.

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