Toyota Scion Fanatics

Design for local Atlanta Scicotics chapter. Brand integrating existing Scikotics logo plus local flare for car window vinyl and T-Shirt Design.
Brand Challenge: o use the national "Scikotics" logo and add imagery which makes it unique to the chapter
These 3 variations will appear on every member's vehicle. In honor of customization which every Scion fanatic enjoys about their vehicle; members have a choice of which version to use whether it is going on a bumper, tinted or non-tinted windows. The members also have the option to have the vinyls printed in any color they please. The most frequent choice matches the individual vehicle's color. The most popular choices are primary blue, red, yellow and white.
For members who have remained loyal with the club durning the Atlanta chapter's transition period; they will be able to add this phoenix version to their vehicle as well. The popular choice has been to use as a centerpiece on the rear window.

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