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Center for Puppetry Arts XPT (Experimental Puppetry Theater)

Adult Swim [as] is known for it’s original animated shows is unable to accept unsolicited
ideas from it’s audience. The parent network of Adult Swim is a sponsor
of The Center for Puppetry Art’s (CPTA) Experimental Puppetry Theater (XPT).
The XPT is a culmination of local talent being showcased on a small scale to a local
audience in the major metropolitan area of Atlanta.

XPT can be expanded and advertised to the AS audience. Both share the same
age and entertainment demographic while XPT only expands as far as the Atlanta
area; AS is national. Familiarizing the AS audience with CPTA will drive ideas,
patronage and participation on a larger scale toward CPTA and AS network and
web site.
Poster for XPT Live
Final Product Adult Swim Bump
Original Mood Board for XPT and Adult Swim Project

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