30 Production artists were tasked with creating 3D tours for over 70,000 Apartment Complexes in the U.S.
This project consisted of working with images from photographers of different skill levels across the country. The optimal situation was to have 3-4 lighting metered images per section of a room, meaning there were approximately 24 photos per room! 

Click on the links below, then select the "3D Tour" link to view the live tour.
AutoPano Giga stitched 24 images together to form a flat (spherical) panoramic image of each room. My job was to make sure there were as few contact points as possible adjoining one portion of the room to the next (for faster render). Sometimes the metered images did not agree with APG and, the most neutrally metered image was stitched on it's own, creating a lighting correction challenge as well.
The panoramic image was saved then, exported to Photoshop (with curves to each room angle) to correct lighting conditions, black out television screens, remove reflections of photographers, staff, residents and, improve the imperfect stitching for sideboards, doorways, textured flooring and occasional furniture. The final image was saved as a jpeg and then exported to Panotour Pro, where the images were labeled, linked, rendered and uploaded to the online database for quality control review and, later upload to

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